About the Club

The Computer Science Club of the University of Adelaide is a student run club for those with an interest in computer science or computing in general. Though we are a university club, we welcome anyone interested in computer science and/or socialising to join!

Members will have access to:
  • Frequent computer science talks on a diverse range of topics
  • Educational workshops
  • Social nights
  • A wide network of other computer science students and graduates.
  • We also run cooperative food and drink ventures and hold pubcrawls and BBQs throughout the year, and hold a pubcrawl each semester.

The club runs various competitions throughout the year offering members a chance to have fun and win prizes, these have included programming and video game competitions. The club also coordinates projects among club members, allowing members to gain valuable experience working on team projects - while also having fun.

Founded in 2008 with a large and active group of members, we are always willing to offer academic assistance or make new friends and all are welcome to join us for an exciting year in a fun, open and unique environment.

Committee Members

The Computer Science Club committee is made up of a group of students providing their service to the club either in an executive position or part of the general committee. They work together to manage the club's events, actions, and direction. The committee consists of the following members:

2022 Committee picture
  • Aniza Halim


  • Rowan Fimmano

    Vice President

  • Hattie Nguyen


  • Mitchell Martinez


  • Jun Yi Teh

    Business Manager

  • Basil Dimopoulos

    External Relations Officer

  • Adrian Kuta

    Publicity Officer

  • Ben McCarthy

    Publicity Officer

  • Bowen Sun

    Publicity Officer

  • Eamon Fitzgerald

    Pubcrawl Officer

  • John Gehlert

    Sponsorships Officer

  • Jack Brunato


  • Zac Goode


  • Mohsi Jawaid

    AI Representative

  • Samuel Wong

    Cybersecurity Representative

  • Che Kambouris

    General Committee

  • Christopher Ho

    General Committee

  • Nick Hassan

    General Committee

  • Orella Allan

    General Committee

CS Club Discord

The Computer Science Club's Discord server is a friendly place to chat with current and past members.

Please keep these points in mind when in the server:
  • Do not spam or flood the server with messages
  • Please be civil. Discussion is fine, but vitriolic behaviour is not
  • We do not condone any threats, humiliation, harassment or bullying towards another member

Failure to follow these rules may result in being kicked or banned from the server.


  • How do I become a member?
    You can register as a club member here. Fill out and submit the form.
  • How much does membership cost?
    Club membership costs $10. You can pay for membership at a club event or contact one of the commitee members.
  • Does the club have a Facebook page?
    Yes! We have a Facebook page where we post all club events and general discussions.
  • How can I contact the CS Club?
    If you have any questions or just want to get in touch with us, visit our contact page or send a message to the Facebook page.