The club has a major focus on education and learning. We run workshops to assist students with their studies and host other types of educational events such as talks and guest lectures.


As well as focusing on education we are primarily a social club. Events such as meet and greets, games/movie nights, BBQs, and pub crawls are just some of the social events the club runs each year.


And of course, coding is what we do and love. Whether you're searching for some feedback on a project or some practice with technical programming questions the club is great way to meet other people and learn from more experienced students.

Thinking of joining?

New members are always welcome! As a member some things you will have access to include computer science talks and workshops, catered social events, a wide network of other computer science students and graduates to learn from and make friends with.

First year students

If you are a first year student there are many activities held by the club at the start of the year specifically for you. They will give you a chance to meet other students, help you ease into uni life and give you a head start with your subjects.

Join CS Club

Keep in mind that the club operates during the university academic year.